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For over 18 years, Angie Crowe and her husband Charlie have been homesteading this beautiful farm in the Blanco River valley.
Charlie grows the sweetest melons for miles around and Angie lovingly tends a small herd of Karakul sheep. The farm entrance is skirted on either side by open fields and the drive is lined with a variety of pecan trees. In the surrounding pastures the majestic Karakul sheep graze and live a quiet bucolic lifestyle.
Karakul sheep-adaptive and hardy animals native to Central Asia-produce two coats of wool each year. The Karakul is considered a rare breed in the U.S., with the current population approximating only 1300 animals. Most Karakul lambs are born coal black with lustrous wavy curls that open as the animal matures. The wool colors tend to lighten with age.

                    FROM SHEEP TO RUG
When shearing time arrives, you can find Angie out in the barn,
 busily overseeing the entire process. After shearing is completed, Angie “skirts” and scours the wool in hot soapy water. When the wool has dried naturally, she brushes it using drum carders and later spins the yarn on an Ashford wheel. Finally the yarn is soaked in a hot lavender bath as protection against insects. Every step of this creative and often painstaking process creates the highest quality, most completely natural wool product available. Each strand of wool has been hand processed and each exquisite rug and saddle pad has been handcrafted with great care and attention. 

Across from the barn and tucked into the hillside is Angie’s weaving studio,
 a small structure framed by towering oaks and pecans. In this peaceful setting, native weaving traditions come alive—traditions that Angie originally explored long ago in Colorado and New Mexico. Hours of patience and decades of artistic experience result in woven rugs that delight the eye. Here where nature and sky inform each day, Angie Crowe brings new meaning to the word mastery, infusing the weaving process with her own magical vision. When asked to explain the alchemy, Angie simply replies: "I love what I do. I feel connected to the animals and the wool and to the ancient lineage of traditional weavers who continue to inform and inspire me".

Please contact us at any time for more information or if you are interested in purchasing a rug, a lamb, or a felted saddlepad.  Thanks for visiting the site!
Angie Crowe and Charlie McAlister
(830) 554-OO96
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